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The dairy transformation


Our co-operative embarked upon the management of quality in 2006 with the introduction of various referentials tailored to each sector of the Group’s activity.

Organisation of the dairy farming and milk collection part is certified in line with the NF V 01-005 standard. As a result, Lact’Union demonstrates its aim to:
  • Satisfy the requirements for quality, traceability and food safety inherent in our profession as a co-operative.
  • Control, monitor and improve the quality of the milk entering our transformation facilities.
  • Take the regulatory requirements for our activities into consideration.
  • Provide our members with the best possible service.
As far as transformation in Lact’union Group dairies is concerned, the latter are certified in line with several referentials, standards or specifications to meet all additional requirements for us to be able to pursue our commitment to continuous improvement of our products:
  • International food standard
  • Ecocert Bio
  • IPLC (Institut Professionnel du lait de consommation)
  • ISO 14 001
  • Agri confiance
  • Halal
  • Casher

Our certifications

Lactinov Abbeville Lactinov Braine Babydrink
ISO 14001
China certification Milk

Quality system

  • Set up in line with and based on ISO 9001
  • International Food Standard certification, version 6 reference
  • HACCP system

Products quality

  • Organic farming certification by ECOCERT
  • IPLC certification
  • Kosher and Halal
  • Accreditation of milk for China
  • Accreditation of infant milk for China
  • Accreditation in process