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Dairy fats

The transformation of selected creams into technical ingredients, at the same time retaining taste and authenticity properties, meets the requirements and constraints specific to companies in the food processing sector.

Traditional butter with an 82% fat content

Butter which is easy to incorporate and has an irreplaceable taste offers an unquestionable advantage to the principal users of butter for industrial purposes: Biscuit/Cakes, Sweet Buns/Pastry, Ready meals/Catering.

Traditional butter with an 82% fat content

Butter made solely from organic cream.

Churned Butter

Churned butter is produced from selected cream to which a culture has been added, essential for ripening the cream.

Production in a traditional churn enables the butter to take on its full flavour and creaminess.

Concentrated butter

Concentrated butter is technical butter with regular quality, easy to use and keep: it meets a variety of industrial needs.

Our concentrated butter can be coloured and/or “whipped” to obtain an even creamier texture.

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