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Health drinks

From formulation to industrial production, we can develop recipes for specific nutritional profiles.

Our solutions are practical and easy to use and come in 200ml, 250ml, 500ml or 1L bottles.

« Slimming » Drink

From the controlled incorporation of specific nutrients to advanced nutritional profiles such as meal substitutes, high-protein snacks or portion control, our solutions are always tailored to meet regulations and come in a wide range of multi-format, modern, practical containers, corresponding to the consumption habits of consumers looking for practical, easy-to-use products.

« Sports » Drink

Nutritional profiles in line with current regulations in the form of energy type “recipe” solutions, with added proteins, vitamins and minerals: we can respond in an extensive, extremely simple manner to the needs of consumers looking to optimise their commitment to sport.

A wide range of multi-format, modern containers, corresponding to consumers looking for a practical, easy-to-use product before, during and after effort.

« Clinic » Drink

We are able to meet the needs of the elderly in terms of food quality and safety for all types of nutritional profiles in the context of strict regulations – such as dietary foods for special medical purposes – and nutritional values.

We offer suitable solutions, tailored to problems with swallowing and chewing, in appropriate forms of packaging and textures.

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