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Lact'Union group


The two co-operatives that founded the Lact'Union Group have a long-established past in common.

Both set up in the same period, they have been part of the history of dairy production in Picardy and the rebuilding of the sector after the war. Difficulties in the wake of war highlighted the importance of this raw material and inspired producers to group together to form co-operatives.

They soon established partnerships which culminated in a merger as an extension of the fundamental values already shared: trust, transparency and fairness.


Setup of Coopérative Agricole Laitière du Soissonais which was subsequently to become Coop'Alliance.

Collection spread throughout the county of Aisne by the successive merger of local co-operatives.

Until the Nineties, the Co-operative expanded its business in drinking milk and abandoned ultra-fresh products towards the end of that decade.


The two co-operatives join forces to set up a subsidiary specialising in the marketing and sale of dairy products to supermarkets and superstores: Orlait comes into being.


Construction of the Braine industrial site


Setup of Coopérative beurrière du Vimeu, Ponthieu et Marquenterre (VPM)


The start of milk collection and the production of powdered milk


One of the first investments in a butter and anhydrous milk fat production unit


Investment in a production unit specialized in bottled UHT milk in partnership with Comelco company : Société Flandres Picardie Lait


Joint acquisition of Société Française des Laits Médicaux Materna with Orlait coincides with the setup of a pilot workshop and an R&D structure.


VPM forms a partnership with Prospérité Fermière for a drying activity and takes over all the assets of SFPL


VPM transfers its historic site to combine all its activities on the same site

2000 à 2012

High increase in the production of UHT milk and specialties, with substantially increased capacities of packaging and extrusion-blowing. Extension of the laboratory and replacement of the equipment for butter production.

2009 à 2011

The historic partnership for the babyfood with the company Materna leads to the establishment of a site of production only dedicated to the aseptic packaging of liquid infant products from the first year: Babydrink company.


Another important stage: The setup of a common holding company, Lactinov, to take 100% control of subsidiary dairy activities after the departure of ULM.


Lactinov and Ingrédia decide to reinforce their partnership in infant products


The Coop'Alliance and VPM co-operatives merge to form the Lact'Union Group