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Drinking milk and derivatives

Drinking milk has nutritional properties that give it a special place in balanced food consumption. It contains most of the elements needed for our body to function correctly.

Milk consists of 90% water, making it an excellent means of hydration and milk is, of course, essential for its high calcium content: one bowl of skimmed milk covers a third of our calcium requirements for the day!

Milk provides good quality protein which helps to build up cells and also helps them to function correctly, as well as carbohydrates and fat, which are sources of energy. In addition, with its composition of minerals and vitamins it is a very complete food.

Milk 36, 15, 0.5

Check out our range of full-cream, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk, developed with the benefit of advanced production techniques and constant attention paid to traceability, from our dairy farms to sales outlets.

Flavoured milks: a real treat

We produce milk in a wide range of flavours for a real treat: chocolate, strawberry, etc. There is a drink to suit everyone’s taste, beneficial for our health and a real source of pleasure!

Milk with added vitamins

Specific compositions to satisfy everyone’s special needs at various periods in their lives!

The bone structure of our bodies requires two essential ingredients:
calcium and vitamin D.

Milk does not normally contain vitamin D. Our milk with added vitamin D forms an ideal association with calcium as it helps its absorption for our bones.

Long-life crème fraîche

This is a form of crème fraîche that has not been subjected to fermentation and which is simply UHT sterilised, cooled and conditioned in appropriate packaging. This technique preserves the nutritional, taste and functional properties of the cream. It enables it to be stored for several months even at room temperature.

Depending on the processes used, types of cream are obtained to be used to perfection in cooking, for sauces in particular, as well as for making whipped or Chantilly cream, or ones with an improved consistency, making them smoother and softer for use in various applications, such as for coating hot dishes, pasta or vegetables.

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