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Dairy transformation

Our expertise

The Lact’Union Group’s strength lies in the complementary forms of expertise on its various production sites.

Production workshops:

Our units have 10 aseptic conditioning lines for a potential of 400 million packs a year, enabling us to condition various types of milk or milk-based products.

Extrusion-Blow Moulding:

The Lactinov Abbeville site possesses its own multi-layer bottle extrusion site (PEHD). This competency and expertise makes for greater traceability over the stages of products, as well as the development and control of containers, the main role of which is the preservation of products, from an organoleptic and microbiological standpoint.

Preparation of recipes
Recipe preparation workshop:

Specific recipes are prepared at the request of our customers in a dedicated workshop, for the production of infant milks, flavoured milks and cooking creams in particular.

Dairy fat, cream and butter
Fats workshop:

The equipment installed in the fat transformation workshop controls the physical maturity of the creams used and the production of butter and concentrated butter tailored to the needs of the second transformation industry.

Traditional French churned butter can also be produced in our workshop.