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Dairy transformation

Our production sites

The Lact’Union Group has three production sites with different but complementary sets of expertise to operate on the markets targeted.

Due to its industrial subsidiaries, the Lact’Union Group has production tools for drinking milk and milk preparations, as well as industrial fats.

Lactinov Abbeville - plastic bottles
The Lactinov Abbeville site:
Set up in 1992, the Lactinov Abbeville site specialises in the production and aseptic conditioning of prepared drinking milk in bottles. The site has its own extrusion-blow moulding workshop.

This production site also handles the transformation of dairy milk into various types of butter for the second transformation industry.

Lactinov Braine - Tetra-Brik
The Lactinov Braine site:
Built in 2004, the Braine site, located in the county of Aisne, specialises in the aseptic conditioning of UHT drinking milk and cream in multi-format Tetra-Briks (family and travel packs).

The site is self-sufficient as regards its water supply: it has its own wells and own wastewater treatment plant.

Laboratory - Babydrink
The Babydrink site:
Babydrink is the production site dedicated to the aseptic conditioning of liquid infant milk, for very young children from birth.