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Lact’Union group


Thanks to our partners, we have developed a range solely dedicated to infants, plus an adult nutritional range.

Materna :
60 years’ experience solely dedicated to infant nutrition from birth.

Materna possesses expertise in liquid infant milks and prepared meals for babies.

More info on Materna.

Orlait :
Orlait came into being in 1992 with the merger of the VPM and Coop’Alliance co-operatives, now the Lact’Union Group.

The objective was to bring together dairy companies that wished to join forces to create a common marketing and sales structure. Orlait is now France’s leading operator on the drinking milk market.

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Unidiet :
Nutritional products specifically for adults.

The setup of Unidiet in 2013 is the culmination of long-term collaboration between Materna and our Group. Backed by the expertise of the respective teams in babyfoods, Unidiet is able to offer ready-to-use solutions for drinks and prepared meals.

More info on Unidiet.

Ingredia :
Ingredia is a dairy company and part of the Prospérité Fermière co-operative group.

Ingredia develops and produces milk powders, milk proteins, functional systems and innovative bioactives for the food processing, nutrition and health industries worldwide.

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