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Dairy transformation

Food and environmental safety

<strongThe Lact’Union Group is committed to a quality and safety policy involving all Group players and employees.


Each production unit has its own quality department to ensure product conformity at every stage of production. The quality department is also responsible for compliance with the food safety regulations in force and the hygiene rules to be applied.

Each product is therefore released after extensive checks and analyses have been carried out throughout the production process.


Each factory has its own, independent laboratory that tests and analyses samples of raw material and finished products. These inspection centres are equipped with specific, top performance instruments to verify the physical/chemical and microbiological parameters to be met by products during production.

Every production batch is therefore only released once the specifications defined are compliant.

Hygiene Safety Environment
Health, Safety & the Environment:

The HSE Department coordinates endeavours to develop the awareness of personnel to safety at work and the prevention of work accidents and occupational illness. It makes certain that environmental procedures are adhered to and works on the optimisation of waste sorting and reduction. This approach, in direct relation with Group management, evidences the Lact’Union Group’s long-term aim to produce in a sustainable environment.