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quality of milk

Quality of milk

The Lact’Union Group is committed to the quality of its products: the co-operative has AFNOR NF V01.005 (known as Agriconfiance) certification and the industrial sites have International Food Standard (IFS), Ecocert (organic products) and ISO 14001 (environment) certification. The objective is to guarantee the safety and traceability of products from the producer to the consumer.

Our member adhere to the following quality charters: the “Charte des Bonnes Pratiques d’Elevage” (dairy farming ) and “Au Fil du Lait” (milk production chain).

A producer must meet very specific criteria to meet our “Au Fil du Lait” requirements, notably:

  • The quality of feed and its storage conditions;
  • Good milking conditions (clean premises, proper teat cleaning, etc.);
  • The quality of care of animals and the traceability of all animal care;
  • Cowsheds (from floor design to the sleeping area and water accessibility);
  • Farm environment (access and cleanliness).

All these criteria are set out in detail in a specifications document. Producers are controlled every year by Lact’Union ARCs (cultural relations inspectors) by means of internal audits, data analysis and records.

In the event of non-compliance or performance variance, a producer may be struck off and lose his “Au Fil du Lait” qualification. It will be returned when compliance with standards is restored.

Thus, in collaboration with the dairy sector, the co-operatives are responsible for the traceability of milk collected, for verifying its quality and guaranteeing food safety.

Our laboratories analyse 8,250 samples of milk every month.